Monday, August 4, 2014

Internet of Things DC

Bringing Internet of Things technologies to school kids

The Idea

Establish a program for DC-area schools that lets teams of school kids create and operate connected devices that measure data about their environment and share that data with other teams doing the same thing.


The emerging Internet of Things has the potential to change the way things work in personal, commercial, urban and industrial settings. There are 10 billion connected devices today and that number is expected to skyrocket over the next 10 years. The technology is advancing rapidly and the ideal time to start learning is during the formative years of aspiring science and technology students.
Besides learning about the basic technologies, there are surrounding topics and issues in cybersecurity (what can go wrong and how can we avoid it) and data privacy (where does our data go, who can see it, and what are they using it for?) that are important to understand as the world becomes more and more connected.


Low-cost electronic boards such as the Raspberry Pi are idea tools for creating projects and sharing data online. Internet tools such as Pi Land make it easy to share real-time data about events and the environment.
A similar initiative was created in the UK during 2013 and article links are included below.


Internet of Things DC (IoT DC) was formed in 2013 to foster the Internet of Things movement in the Washington DC area. IoT DC brings together industry, education and government professionals with expertise and interest in the Internet of Things to learn about the technologies, use cases, data collection and analytics, security and privacy, and policy issues surrounding the Internet of Things. This is done through meetup events, workshops and hackathons held in the region. The idea for school-related efforts is an outgrowth of this work.
Please contact Greg Toth [gtoth AT] to continue the dialogue.

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