Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ireland-Based Game-Making Competetion welcoming Northern Virginia students

October 21: Deadline for Individual Registration (flexible)

We’d love to have some participants from the US take part in this challenge. I’ve attached the poster for This Is Not A Game ( The basic idea is for kids between the ages of 14-18 to create games with a social conscience. We are using ocean awareness as our main theme.   

The kids will form teams (or be assigned teams) with 2 – 5 team members. We’ll webcast a launch event in Dublin, Ireland on October 29 that will give an overview of the project and deadlines. We’ll also have a number of guest speakers (including Tierney) to talk about the importance of the marine topics as well as using creative forms to highlight important issues.

The kids will be given workshops on the following platforms: Gamemaker (for windows), Game Salad (for Mac), and Project Anarchy (more advanced – for mobile). If the kids want to program on another platform, that’s absolutely fine. We will be pitching this at all skill levels and for kids with a variety of interests including:
  • computer programming (to write the code for the game using provided software or software of your choosing)
  • art (to choose the visual design of the game)
  • marine sciences (to create the story of the game)
  • marketing (to help create a trailer and other marketing material for the game)

This will be an afterschool event and on the Irish side, kids will have an option to work on their projects in Coder Dojo ( We’ll have a few volunteer mentors, including games industry professionals and marine scientists, check in on the work and make sure that the kids have some support during the development phase. The deadline for completed games will be the first week of January, and the best games will be displayed in Ireland’s largest and longest running science fair, the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition (    
Project Timeline
  • October 21: Deadline for Individual Registration (flexible)
  • October 29: Launch at Griffith College Dublin (1 day event); teams formed
  • November to December: Team work at Coder Dojos
  • January 6 Closing Date for team game submissions
  • January 8-11: Presentation of games at BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland
October 29 Running Order
1)      Eoin Carroll, Global Game Jam and Programme Director, Computing Faculty, Griffith College
2)      Tierney Thys, marine biologist and film producer
3)      Representative from the Marine Institute in Galway.
This person will give an overview of the importance of each of these marine issues. The topics we are looking at are:
  • Sustainable commercial fishing; reducing by-catch and discards of juvenile fish and non-target fish species
  • Limiting marine debris and pollution
  • Effects of climate change on oceans
  • Using the ocean as a renewable source of energy (wave and tidal energy)
4)      Stu Johnson, Havok
5)      Representative from one or more of the following games development companies:
·         John Halloran COO Sixminute
·         Richard Barnwell CEO Digit Games
·         Owen Harris CEO Bitsmith Games
·         Andrew Magnorsky - Lead Developer/Director BatCat
We’d love to have some participation from the US, so that kids on each side of the Atlantic can interact during the development of their games and see how they have created awareness of the marine issues through their final products.

Chris Visosky
Cultural Affairs Specialist
Office of Public Affairs
U.S. Embassy Dublin
42 Elgin Road
Dublin 4

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