Thursday, May 23, 2013

HS / MS Summer STEM Robotics Camp in Arlington

VEX Robotics   July 8-19, 2013
Monday-Friday, 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Arlington Career Center Summer STEM Programs

  Please call 703-228-5731 to enroll.

This camp is ideal for middle and high school students new to VEX robotics as well as students who may have already participated on a team, but would like to increase their programming and building skills.

VEX Robotics projects encourage teamwork, leadership and STEM problem solving among groups.

VEX also provides flexibility in meeting every student's interest and ability.  

Fee: $557.00   Free/Reduced Tuition:  $56.00

The VEX platform is affordable, and is expanding rapidly throughout middle schools, high schools and university labs around the globe.

Robotics hobbyists also appreciate the advanced capabilities of the VEX System.

This program is supported by NOVA SySTEMic Solutions, which currently has a team competing at the national level.      

Instructor:  Robb Dudek  

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