Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where Art is necessary in STEM

Often, activities described as STEAM are really only Art (and that's okay), but there are also many circumstances in exploring technical subjects where artistry is critical.  One of these circumstances is in revealing and distinguishing soft tissue in medical or health-related contexts.

Most anyone who has looked at exposed tissue will report that everything is similar in color, whether a cadaver (everything is gray) or fresh meat (everything is red). Artists with a solid understanding of human anatomy can accomplish things that photography cannot.  Consider the following stretching illustrations from http://beyoungbegreen.com/36-pictures-see-muscle-youre-stretching/.

Forearm Extensor Stretch

Muscles Highlighted: Forearm Extensor. Start by packing your shoulder down and back, then externally rotate the shoulder for the optimal position to stretch the forearm muscle. Once in this position apply pressure to your opposing hand to begin the stretch.  You can progress this stretch by touching the tips of your fingers together in a tea cup shape.


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