Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stock Market Game Resources

Economics and Finance are important examples of applied mathematics, and often overlooked as STEM.

      Register Now for the Spring Stock Market GameTM  and Free Workshops and Webinars!
January 2016 Stock Market Game™ Workshops and Webinars will introduce teachers to this engaging and meaningful learning tool and prepare students to participate in the Spring SMG program, which begins February 1st. The Stock Market Game™ is an online education program used to help teach mathematics, social studies, business, economics, and language skills while focusing on the importance of long-term saving and investment. Students in grades 4-12 participate in teams and manage a simulated investment portfolio. Click here or below to register NOW for a January 2016 SMG workshop! Visit for more information. *No prior knowledge of the stock market is necessary!

Stock Market GameTM: Tour the Teacher Support Center
Don’t reinvent the wheel! Take a tour of the three sections of the Teacher Support Center found on Understanding SMG,Manage Student Portfolios and In the Classroom. The tour
shows some of the many resources available to teachers including lesson plans, activities, projects, publications, pre- and post-tests, powerpoints and rankings.
Jan 27, 2016, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Understanding the SMG from the Student’s Perspective
Take a tour of the student SMG website and experience the game from your student’s perspective. Learn exactly what your students need to know to access the SMG website and make their first trades including how to look up a ticker symbol and resources for investor research.  Also covered is how the teacher can manage their students’ information and view rankings.
Jan 28, 2016  5:30 – 6:30 pm

Stock Market GameTM Boot Camp
Combining 3 SMG webinars (Intro, Teacher Resources and Student Portfolio) this interactive webinar is designed for teachers new to the program and who have not played in the last several years. The focus is on rules of the game, how the student portfolio works, buying and selling stocks, and the resources available to teachers to help implement the game in the classroom.
Jan 23, 2016  9:00 am – Noon

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