Friday, December 11, 2015

SeaPerch Volunteers Needed in Prince William - March 11

Northern Virginia's Regional SeaPerch underwater robotics competition will be held on Friday, March 11th at the beautiful Manassas Park Community Center. All Prince William County high schools, Manassas Park High School, Osbourn High School in the City of Manassas, Seton Senior High School will participate.

It’s a large event, and so a large number of volunteer judges are needed! The open shifts are 8am-12pm and 12pm-4pm. Volunteers do not need to know how the robot works to judge the pool competition but will carry a stopwatch and time each team as they complete assigned tasks. Instructions and judging sheet will be provided, along with a stopwatch.

In addition to a great time, volunteers get a free lunch and free SeaPerch polo! (Dress for a hot and humid pool-side!)

If you or someone you know is available, the link to register is below, as is a summary of each of the open activities for which volunteers are still needed. Thank you in advance for participating in this great day!

Volunteer Positions Needed: 

Pool Judging:
Speed Race: This award goes to the fastest team at the Challenge. Teams will start from the center of the pool and race to the edge of the pool.
Obstacle Course: This award goes to the team with the lowest time five (5) -18" diameter hoops in the obstacle course - 4" small than last year's hoops. Teams are required to travel through each of five- 18” rings, surface and return through the five rings.
ORBSThis 2016 National Challenge task will require students to perform multiple independent tasks that will test their ability to operate their SeaPerches on the surface of the water and the bottom of the pool. The course consists of four stations in which the vehicles will have to maneuver, release and retrieve balls that FLOAT and those that SINK - then place into their appropriate goal - a floating goal or a submerged goal. 
Recovery: This award goes to the team that picks up the most objects and place them into a submerged bucket. The objects for this challenge are called a triangle. The triangles are formed by three 6” circular dive rings that are zip tied together to form a three dimensional triangle.
The triangles can be picked up and dropped into the team’s submerged collection bucket. This round will be scored based on the number of rings recovered and in the shortest amount of time.

Classroom Judging:
* Engineering Notebook:This award is given to the teams that skillfully communicate in their SeaPerch Design Notebook how they worked as an engineering team to plan, construct, and test the SeaPerch robot.
* Innovative Design:This award is given to teams that demonstrate creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness in their ROV design. Teams are encouraged to think of creative design concepts that can improve the performance of their ROV (remotely operated vehicle) in a particular game or in all games.
* Logo Design:This award is given to the teams that exceed in their design for their teams SeaPerch logo on any type of media - t-shirt, paper, flags, buttons. Originality and creativity is strongly encouraged. Upholding school rules and a sense of morality is important.

Backup Volunteer: Are floaters incase someone is unable to complete their judging slot or a need for extra judges are needed in the pool or classroom.

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