Thursday, October 22, 2015

Paul Hughes Deconstruction Rebuild Event at TechShopDC - Arlington

Our friends at TechShopDC hosted our first Paul Hughes Deconstruction Rebuild event for Arlington high school students on Wednesday, October 21.  

Participating students represented Wakefield HS, Washington-Lee HS, Yorktown HS, the Arlington Career Center, and H-B Woodlawn, with the support of each schools' Technology / Engineering teachers and Resource Teachers for the Gifted.

Paul Sans Hughs died September 15, 2012. This program for Arlington Public School students is dedicated to the his memory.  Paul’s passion environmental stewardship and and social justice lead him to start three companies and one non-profit, the Rebuild Warehouse. 

His life's work continues to provided an example of how sustainable businesses practices can make family, employees, and the environment a primary focus and still succeed.

Photos from last night:
The winning team participants each won a TechShop course.

Click "Read more" below for many additional photos.

Teams were limited to 7 lbs of scrap materials.

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  1. This place is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. Even though a few halls are equally appealing and fascinating in their decor, food and aesthetics, I'm tempted to still give LA event venues some slight edge.