Thursday, July 16, 2015

Senate approves ECAA with support for STEM and CTE, Arts

Various sources:
The conference committee is expected to strengthen accountability measures within the bill and continue to require states to identify and support schools that need additional assistance to serve their most vulnerable students.
Earlier this Spring, ECAA suggested major progress, but educators used the amendment process in July to persuade lawmakers to improve the bill. 
The best news for STEM is support for STEM and CTE subjects and teachers.  The ECAA provision based on Sen. Merkley’s (D-OR) STEM Education in the Global Economy Act, which is designed to increase student access to courses in STEM education subjects and provide additional resources to recruit, train, and support teachers of these subjects.
This past week, the Senate approved amendments to make career and technical education a core subject, to protect student data privacy, to require school districts to inform parents of state or local policies regarding “opting out” of standardized tests, to require states to set a cap limiting time spent on tests and to establish a full-service community schools grant program. Other electives were also included in the "core".  

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