Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Google Sheets - Smart Autofill

Smart Autofill - Harnessing the predictive power of Machine Learning in Google Sheets

Much of Google’s work on language, speech, translation, and visual processing relies on machine learning, where we construct and apply learning algorithms that make use of labeled data in order to make predictions for new data. What if you could leverage machine learning algorithms to learn patterns in your spreadsheet data, automatically build a model, and infer unknown values?

You can now use machine learning to make predictions in Google Sheets with the newly launched Smart Autofill Add-on (http://goo.gl/dghCQs). Smart Autofill uses Google's cloud-based machine learning service Prediction API (http://goo.gl/WmHyAa), which trains several linear as well as non-linear classification and regression models to predict the missing values of a partially filled column in your spreadsheet by using the data of other related columns.

For more information and a tutorial, head over to the Google Research Blog.

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