Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bored with Judging Science Fairs?

If you have a technical background or interests and want to judge students on real skills, the Northern Virginia Regional Technology Student Association needs judges its event on March 1.

March 1 , 2014 Regional Technology Student Association event, Mt Vernon High School, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The judges coordinator is Cara Mosley from McLean HS and can serve as a contact and for questions.  Anyone with a technical background can be helpful, but some may find judging categories specific to their interests in the attachment.

TSA Regional Fair Competition Codes & Events

Middle School
A-2   Career Prep
A-3   Challenging Technology Issues
A-5   Communication Challenge
A-6   Community Service Video
A-8   Digital Photography
A-9   Dragster
A-13 Essays on Technology
A-14 Flight
A-16 Go Green Manufacturing
A-21 Prepared Speech
A-23 Promotional Design
A-24 STEM Animation
A-26 System Control Technology
A-31 Water Infrastructure

High School
B-4   Career Preparation
B-5   CAD- Architecture, 2D
B-6   CAD- Engineering, 3D
B-9   Debating Technological Issues
B-10 Desktop Publishing
B-11 Digital Video Production
B-12 Dragster Design
B-14 Essays on Technology
B-15 Extemporaneous Speech
B-17 Flight Endurance
B-20 Manufacturing Prototype
B-21 Music Production
B-24 Photographic Technology
B-25 Prepared Presentation
B-27 Promotional Graphics
B-30 System Control Technology
B-34 Transportation Modeling
B-36 Video Game Design

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