Wednesday, January 22, 2014

An Update from BIE (BIE 3.0)

I'm sharing this because the folks at the Buck Institute for Education (, perhaps more than any other group with whom I've worked, represents my orientation to Project-based Learning (PjBL) and Problem-Based Learning (PbBL).  -  Jim

It is a new year and we have a newly redesigned, responsive website that allows our users an entirely new, unique browsing experience.

We have assembled a wide array of PBL-related resources created by BIE and collected from fellow PBL travelers. The resources are organized into three broad categories: things to read, to watch, or to interact with.

Things to read include blogs, books, articles, and research about PBL, and also written documents you can use - rubrics, project planning forms, student handouts, and other materials for planning, assessing, and managing projects.

Things to watch include videos curated by BIE to showcase particular projects and PBL schools or to explain PBL. We also have an archive of recorded webinars, Google Hangouts, and Twitter Chats on various PBL topics.

Things to interact with include live webinars, Google Hangouts, and Twitter Chats, plus online classes to take, conferences to attend, and websites to visit. We also have a Project Search tool with over 500 curated projects.

If you would like to take a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach to learning about PBL, then check out the recommend resources for  teacherscoaches,principals, and district leaders. The featured resources have a note on "How Can You Use It?" We also suggest starting your DIY experience by purchasing one of BIE's books

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