Monday, December 9, 2013

Federal Legislative Updates from the STEM Education Coalition

Here is the latest update on recent Coalition’s activities and related policy developments in the STEM education world.  Follow us  @StemEdCoalition.

House Science Hearing Testimony on America COMPETES Act:  The November 11 hearing at House Science went smoothly by all accounts, with Executive Director James Brown testifying on behalf of the Coalition.   Roughly half the hearing focused on research issues, with the other half covered several STEM ed topics, along with a smattering of other issues.  It was well attended, with more than a dozen members making an appearance and a full audience.  The hearing also created a lot of chatter on Twitter and other social media for the Coalition as well.    Watch a webcast of the hearing here. 

It’s Computer Science Education Week:  Tens of thousands of schools are hosting Hour of Code events in their classrooms and President ObamaArne DuncanEric Cantor, and Newt Gingrich released videos to kickoff the week.  Find out more here. 

Update on House STEM Competition:  Before Thanksgiving, the House Administration Committee adopted a resolution to set the formal regulations that will govern the new House STEM Competition, which was established back in February in a vote of 411-0.  More details on the competition:

McREL International Joins the Coalition’s Leadership Council:  We are pleased to announce that Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning, otherwise known as McREL International, has joined the STEM Education Coalition’s Leadership Council.    Based in Denver, McREL is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan education research and development organization devoted to providing educators and leaders with research-based, practical guidance on the issues and challenges facing pre K−16 education.  Read more

Recent News Coverage of the Coalition:

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