Friday, March 8, 2013

Environmental Education "EE Week" Greening STEM: Taking Technology Outdoors Case Studies

In celebration of EE Week's 2013 theme, Greening STEM: Taking Technology Outdoors, EE Week highlights organizations and schools from around the country that are using technology tools to engage students in STEM learing outdoors. 


Using Tech to Connect Inner City Youth with Endangered Species

Spending sunny afternoons after school exploring the local zoo and encountering dozens of endangered species face-to-face all while using a smart phone doesn't resemble a typical after-school program on the surface. However, students in Chicago did just that and more in a pilot program marking a unique collaboration between mobile learning initiatives and conservation education. Read more...

QR_Codes_1QR Codes in the Garden: Using Technology to Open Horizons Outdoors

Gardeners and environmental educators are exploring how to use the technology of QR Codes and cell phone apps to expand horizons while enjoying nature outdoors. You can put QR Codes on plant labels and outdoor signs to link to changeable online information including videos, text, images and sound. Read more...

i-Tree_1How Much is that Tree? Using the i-Tree Design Tool to Calculate the Ecological & Monetary Benefits of Trees

You can promote active appreciation and stewardship of the environment by identifying and mapping trees, and using online software tools such as i-Tree Design which can calculate the dollar ecological value of individual trees in your schoolyard, campus or neighborhood. Read more...

Technology with Nature Camp

The summer months can be a bit of a bore for many kids once school has closed down for the year and the August heat begins to scorch the air.  However, during the summer of 2012, several kids involved in the EAST program at Sonora Elementary set out to marry their love of nature and interest in technology to make a positive change in their community. Read more...
More case studies coming soon!

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