Friday, March 29, 2013

Baltimore STEM Smart Workshop Resources

Resources related to the event are listed below.

1.       PLENARY PRESENTATION RECORDINGS: Recordings of the plenary presentations can be found at the following links:

·         STEM Smart: Lessons Learned From Successful Schools, Opening Remarks
·         What Everyone Should Know About Successful K-12 STEM Education
·         How Do We Make ALL Children Smart in STEM?
·         The Federal Role in Smart STEM

2.       BREAKOUT SESSION RESOURCES: The PowerPoints and handouts from the breakout sessions can be found on the Baltimore STEM Smart event page under the individual session titles in the agenda.  Visit our Resource page to read more about the resources, programs and projects represented at the Baltimore STEM Smart workshop, as well as past workshops.

3.       COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS BRIEF: In addition, attached is a brief on issues related to College and Career Readiness in STEM.

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