Monday, January 7, 2013

Buck Institute for Education Wednesday Webinars

Those familiar with the foundations of Project-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning already know of BIE, its research, and its PjBL Handbook.

Webinar Wednesdays occur twice a month and are 45 minutes long.  The webinars shine a spotlight on all things PBL. The presenters are members of BIE's National Faculty & Staff and special guests. Upcoming webinar topics include:
  • PBL Systems
  • PBL Lead
  • English Language Learners & PBL
  • PBL in Math
  • Embedding Critical Thinking Throughout PBL
  • STEM PBL in Middle School
  • PBL in K-2
  • Global PBL
The webinars are still free to attend and you don't need to register. We will broadcast them on the designated day at 12pm Pacific Time. The webinars will be recorded and available shortly after each broadcast.

Check out the Upcoming and Archived Webinars at:

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